Class Schedule

At Rob Burman's Laboratory you can expect to receive as much information as you can take in - and there's a lot of it. The techniques used will be the same ones used by top Hollywood Professionals and the crews they hire. From the most basic techniques and beyond, we will guide you through the processes necessary to be a successful Special Makeup Effects Artist.

Intro To Prosthetics 101

A 5-Day course in the art of creating a professional grade Prosthetic. From Life cast to finished Application.

Intro To Foam Latex Prosthetics 102

A 4-Week "Boot-Camp" in the skills required to do a multi-piece, full head, foam latex prosthetic makeup.

Multi-Piece Silicone Prosthetics 103

A 10-Day class advancing your skills to create a complete silicone prosthetic character makeup.

Class Schedules vary pending Student enrolment. All "Home" classes (In my own studio and not a Traveling Classroom) can start when you are ready. They are open for enrollment at any time, excepting for scheduled Traveling Classroom courses like the one's mentioned below for the 2021 season:


June 28th-July 2nd in Cologne, Germany.

(Contact Die-Maske Academy for info)

July 5th-July 9th in Vienna, Austria.

(Contact Maske.Wien for info)

August 9-13 in Idaho, USA

(Contact Idaho Art Lab for info)

All other classes can start at your availability. Since we are not holding to a regular school class schedule.  The main requirement is that once a course is started, you do it over consecutive days and not over an expanded period.


Contact us to find out how to schedule your next course.

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