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The Company

Welcome to Rob Burman's Laboratory. The courses we have designed for our Students will provide them with the skills necessary to express their imaginations in the art of Prosthetic makeup.

From the start of my career 40 years ago, I have been developing and compiling the knowledge and experience of what it takes to be a successful Special Makeup Effects Artist. Working on films such as "The Thing", "Ghostbusters", "The Fly" and numerous "Star Trek" features has given me great insight and the resources needed to accomplish these kinds of effects. In that time, I also personally trained hundreds of aspiring Artists in the craft. Many have gone on to highly successful careers and won awards for their fine abilities and craftsmanship.

This is why I started Rob Burman's Laboratory (RBL). I wanted to open up my knowledge of working in "Hollywood" for those many years to a new generation of Artists. The ones who want to show their commitment and dedication to the craft and not just "make a living" doing it. Whether you want to be a Designer, a Lab Technician, or a Special Makeup Effects Artist, you'll find the training here in the Lab.

Take a look around the site. See what has been created here. Both by our Instructors and the Students themselves.. We work hard and there is a lot to learn but it is also a lot of fun! The opportunity is yours, it is up to you to step up and take it.

Hope to see you in the Lab!

Rob Burman

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